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BRAZIL , Colinas Reserve

Our Colinas Reserve is an exceptional blend of Natural processed coffees. Coffees are grown within 1000-300 m.a.s.l of altitude. Produced by selected coffee growers, farm-level traceability from Carmo de Minas region which is in the South of Minas Gerais.


This coffee was carefully picked in order to select only the ripest cherries. The cherries then underwent a rigorous sorting process using the "lavador" machine, a density sorter commonly used in Brazil to separate the low-density beans. To complete the preparation, the coffee was sun-dried on patios until the optimal moisture level was reached.



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Processing Details:

  • Picked cherries are delivered to the wet mill where the farmer hand sorts based on colour

  • Cherries are then separated by ripeness and de-pulped and fermented

  • Beans are thoroughly washed in channels before drying on raised beds for 14-21 days

  • Moisture content reduced to 10-12%


  • Coffee is then delivered to the dry mill and stored in parchment for protection until ready for dry milling and export


  • During dry milling beans are separated by machine based on size with AA grade coffees being made up of beans that are screen size 18

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