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Fazenda Salto Natural - House espresso


This coffee from the Araujo Reis family at Fazenda Salto is IMPACT-verified, a responsible sourcing standard from Sucafina. The Araujo Reis family’s dedication to social and environmental excellence stretches back over a century. Fazenda Salto is one of the first IMPACT-verified suppliers and partnering with Sucafina and attaining their IMPACT verification was a natural extension of their existing focus on the social and environmental aspects of coffee production. Their strong belief in social equity and environmental protection extends to every aspect of their farm from an excellent school to safe housing for workers and stringent wastewater treatment protocols.  


This coffee is IMPACT-verified, a responsible sourcing standard from Sucafina. IMPACT verification provides assurance that the practices along Sucafina's supply chain are compliant with a range of social, environmental and economic standards.

The farm uses integrated pest management systems to protect coffee from pests and diseases. They use only approved pesticides and apply nutrients (both synthetic and organic) based on soil analysis and agronomic advice in order to best nourish the soil and limit nutrient run off into local waterways. They also measure and record all water usage and work to reduce water used in irrigation and processing each year.

The Araujo Reis family goes above and beyond to protect their workers and the environment. They’ve ensured that all tractors that use any chemicals have closed cabins to protect workers from any exposure. Fazenda Salto has 25 houses on site where workers can live safely and comfortably. About 80% of employees on the farm were born there and chose to stay or return to work on Fazenda Salto. Children of employees can also request gifts at Christmas that are then purchased for them by the Araujo Reis family.

Fazenda Salto is also Rainforest Alliance certified. In addition to coffee, Fazenda Salto maintains 400 hectares of preserved natural forested area.



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