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BRAZIL , Colinas Reserve

Our Colinas Reserve is an exceptional blend of Natural processed coffees. Coffees are grown within 1000-300 m.a.s.l of altitude. Produced by selected coffee growers, farm-level traceability from Carmo de Minas region which is in the South of Minas Gerais.


This coffee was carefully picked in order to select only the ripest cherries. The cherries then underwent a rigorous sorting process using the "lavador" machine, a density sorter commonly used in Brazil to separate the low-density beans. To complete the preparation, the coffee was sun-dried on patios until the optimal moisture level was reached.


Cruz Gorda A farm that grows coffee with specialty roasters in mind. Cruz Gorda specialises in bourbon and pacas varieties that grow on sandy loam soil and under the shade of conifers. This is another farm owned and managed by our friend Mauricio Salaverría, and he uses this farm to create some truly special flavours. His cherries, after being selectively picked and sorted, undergo semi-washed pulping and are initially dried in thick layers to build maximise sweetness in the cup profile. These coffees truly are for the specialty lovers out there.


Green coffee beans grown and produced within the Nyeri County develop and mature slowly, producing extra-hard beans that are full of flavour and character. For this reason we partnered with the Thageini washing station to create our first Kenyan CM Selections coffees back in 2017 and have been working with them ever since. We source washed, natural, peaberry and CM Selections coffees from Thageini and are inspired by the local team’s dedication to quality. The Thageini mill is one of four wet mills that make up the Aguthi Farmer’s Co-operative Society. It is home to the second largest number of member producers, hosting 350 men and 100 women members out of the 2000 total members that are part of this Society. Once the wet milling and drying is complete at the Thageini mill, the parchment or dried cherry pods are delivered to the Sagana Coffee dry mill for de-hulling, grading and preparation for export.


There is a certain romanticism that exists in the traditional bright, floral and complex qualities of Ethiopian coffees that so many of us never tire of experiencing. Spanning a remarkable topographic rollercoaster, the ECX Area of Yirgacheffe climbs from 1200 masl to 3200 masl with only 30km in between. This dramatic expanse in height has led to a bio-diverse environment – undoubtedly contributing to the cup profiles being so unique. The Yirgacheffe Area of Ethiopia is home to some well known washing stations, and Project Origin sources from many of them, including Konga, Koke, Chelelektu, Aricha, Gersay, Idido, Kochere, Gutity, Worka and Chelba.


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