The Cerrado Farm, in the midst of a native forest preserved with numerous species of fauna, flora and spring water, with a pleasant climate of the mountains of Minas Gerais and a privileged view.

The generation of coffee growers who at the beginning of the last century already planted coffee in Ouro Fino- MG, with dedication and love for the land and its fruits, transformed an unproductive field in the lush Fazenda Cerrado.

The Cerrado Farm combines simplicity, flavor and tradition, producing the best coffees, generating different and sophisticated flavors, creating an atmosphere of magic and romance that surrounds the colors of its spectacular landscape, sounds and aromas, as well as the cultivation of excellent lychee, respecting the environment, suppliers and customers.

The owners, Cláudio Moreira Barbosa and their son Luís Claudio Ávila Barbosa, started their activities in the Cerrado Farm in 2001, prioritizing environmental preservation, sustainability and quality of life, for the development of its production.

This coffee is produced by coffee growers from La Plata, Huila. With the help of OCCICAFE Cooperative we have managed to ensure high quality standards. As a result, the producers receive better premiums for their coffee.

Farms from this program are typically very small at less than 1 hectare on average.

La Plata is located in the south western side of Huila, a region famed from producing some of the best coffees in Colombia. La Plata is surrounded by the Cordillera Central and the Cocnucos Mountains and experiences ideal growing conditions for coffee. 




The founder of Tabe Burka washing station, Mr. Tadesse Edema, has coffee in his veins. He comes from a coffee-oriented family of 29 brothers whom all work with coffee. His brothers, Girma and Dereje, are famous in the Guji zone because they produce such outstanding quality coffee in Uraga and Ambela.

Tadesse Edema collects his coffee from 300 smallholders, that form five farmer groups. Each farmer owns approximately 3 hectares of land and cultivates maize trees, false banana, and fruit trees – besides their coffee crop. Tadesse pays the farmers groups in advance when harvest begins. This gives the small holders enough incentive to harvest quality.


A native of Guji, Tadesse Edema is a pioneer among producers in Uraga and was one of the first to build a washing station in the region. His Tabe washing station was constructed over 12 years ago, paving the way for Oromia Union to enter and construct their well known Layo Teraga Cooperative WS.


Seven years ago, Tome washing station was completed on the other side of the ridge, facing the river that divides Hambelafrom Uraga. Tadesse is a community leader and has built schools and roads in the region. In addition to washing stations, he owns two farms -one in Shakisoand another in Anasora.

The water from the Burka river is used to wash the coffee from Tabe Burka site. Coffee is fermented for 24 – 36 hours. Naturals are dried for 15 – 18 days.


Tabe Burka washing station is located in the Uraga woreda, which is part of the Guji zone. Uraga is bordered by the Ode Shakiso woreda in the South-East and Gedeb woreda (Yirgacheffe) in the West. 

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