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If you are a cafe, restaurant or office and looking for a coffee supplier, we would love to talk to you.

At Unknown Chapter we purchase and roast our single origins with specific goals in mind for each one, we do not blend our coffees. When we roast we try to highlight the special characteristics each one has, to provide you with a focused, complex and tasty coffee that is unique to the farm it has come from.

We are a coffee roastery fully focused on using traceable, ethically sourced coffee either straight from the farmer, or using our network of trading partners to ensure a fair and transparent trading system. Our commitment to roast and serve high quality coffee is paramount, and is what we strive for everyday.

As a partner of Unknown Chapter you will work with a team who focus on customer service. We are a small group of professionals who are always there for you. We have many years of experience with making coffee, roasting, training, and also cafe ownership. This extensive knowledge will help you build your business and grow your knowledge of coffee.

We have many options to help you get off the ground with access to world class coffee machines, grinders, equipment and systems to ensure your place runs smoothly and efficiently.


Once onboard, you will get continued on site support and training, consistently roasted high grade speciality coffee, and a personal relationship with us that few larger roasters are able to provide.

We simply love good coffee, and we’d love to share that passion with you.

Let's have a chat!

Whether you’re thinking of opening a new establishment, in the planning stages of your dream cafe, or an existing business that wants to provide tasty coffee for your customers, staff or colleagues, please get in touch with us.

Unknown Chapter Coffee Roasters

027 201 5996 

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